Up-Level Workshop 2016

Up-Level Yourself and Your Business with Authenticity

A Heart Based One Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 2015, 9AM-5PM
NEAL S. Blaisdell Center
Up-Level Workshop 2016

Success Stories

Pre-Hang, I was in the same stuck place for years. I read lots of books, listened to self-help books, listened to self-help cd’s, and attended workshops and retreats. I tried acupuncture, yoga and meditation, and all of those things helped, but then I found Hang.

Hang is frighteningly… Keep Reading

Christina G. from Hawaii

… You are a champion and so is EFT. After all it’s a God thing mixing the natural with supernatural. Thanks a million…make that 10 million

Dr. Allen (Magic Al) Ravine Merlin Award Winner, Gospel magician of the year 2009 and 2010 from Oklahoma

……  Within 6 weeks, I discovered breakthroughs and answers to questions I have asked myself for years.  Hang served as my life coach and I accomplished my three goals. Through enjoyable EFT sessions, I learned how to relax and let go thoughts spent on wasted energy and cleared the… Keep Reading

Irene C. from Honolulu

“Working with Hang on clearing some energy blocks that allowed me to improve sleep, lower anxiety and increase focus was a truly transformational experience. Hang is incredibly intuitive and personable.”

Karmen Reed, Owner and Founder http://kickofftopic.com

….Hang’s technique is simple and easy to learn but there is a special way of using EFT to get to the heart of deep-seeded issues. Hang excels in this. Her guidance is direct and comes from the heart. This combined with her EFT skills makes for an incredible session… Keep Reading

JoAnn Taira Cheung, Health & Fitness Coach, Busy Mom & Wife from Hawaii

I am grateful for the journey that I had via Hang’s program. As a result of working with her, I have blossomed into a better person. What stands out the most for me is Hang’s honesty and keen intuition when working to bring out the best in people. Hang… Keep Reading

Laurie from Hawaii

Hang you are amazing … did I have concerns about working with you in Hawaii, with me in Canada? – sure I did! But I’m thankful I pushed past through those concerns, having you show up every week – through my iPad became a… Keep Reading

Deb. October 3, 2014

I went to see Hang when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. My first birth experience was traumatic for me and I spent the first 8 months of this unexpected pregnancy in emotional turmoil reliving the past and fearing the future. I knew that my emotional… Keep Reading

-JS from Hawaii

Hang has been my mental clearing coach and one of my best friends. Through her clearing techniques, Hang has helped my daughter and I lead a brighter and exciting life and we are forever thankful. She teaches you ‘how’ to clear your mind, from all the garbage that you… Keep Reading

Mitsue and Reigna from Japan

Before working with Hang, I had problems moving forward in life. I wanted to become a Personal Trainer to help improve my way of life. Things from my past that I could not let go was holding back my future. Within weeks Hang had help to improve my confidence… Keep Reading

Walter Hitchcock from Hawaii

..Hang is very well versed in her craft, and makes molehills or might I say dust out of mountains, those mountains of mind patterns, that overtime have been programmed into the body that unconsciously hold us back or prevent us from moving forward. We tapped out much!! The emotions… Keep Reading

-Robyn Singh from Australia (author of “Haumea Creations” and ”Paddling Home – A Journey back to Self”) www.rubyksingh.com”

…… Within 6 weeks, I discovered breakthroughs and answers to questions I have asked myself for years. Hang served as my life coach and I accomplished my three goals. Through enjoyable EFT sessions, I learned how to relax and let go thoughts spent on wasted energy and… Keep Reading

Irene C. from Hawaii

… When I first came to Hang, I was overwhelmed with grief which had spiraled into depression. I felt lost and didn’t know how to get a handle on the grieving process. With Hang’s help, I learned that grief often brings other problems from the past to the surface…. Keep Reading

– Jeanne from North Carolina

In August of 2007, I had reconstructive surgery on my left foot and Feb. 2, 2009, reconstructive surgery on my right foot. The pain was unbearable. Ms. Hang Pham spoke with me, and after 45 minutes, I felt the pressures of family stress lift from my shoulders, the pain… Keep Reading

Beth Melrose from Oklahoma

I knew that I needed help, to get away from all of the sadness that I was creating in my mind. I didn’t want to see a Doctor and be medicated, I needed someone to help me, guide me and share their tools on how to live a positive… Keep Reading

Catrina from Hawaii

When I first heard about Hangs class, it was a seminar she was offering. What grabbed my attention was learning how to overcome my fears in auditioning. Since I was a theater major I wanted to learn how to become better at auditioning. So I attended her seminar,… Keep Reading

Leigh Ann from Hawaii

Before working with Hang, I felt like I was caring around a lot of stuff that I wasn’t allowing myself to fully process. Because of that, I wasn’t fully giving myself space to work through them fully. These emotional and money blocks made thing a… Keep Reading

Laura Aiisha, Entrepreness, Mother & Co~Creative Evolutionary www.LauraAiisha.com/Get-Up

Hang, thank you so much for helping me understand and get over certain issues that have been problematic in my life. You have the ability to reach deep and find the underlying causes. Your success in EFT is attributed to being a great listener and a person of great… Keep Reading

Wil C. from California

…I was an extreme skeptic to say the least about this EFT “tapping”. Thanks to Hang’s loving persistence, both EFT and her unique stretching routine have helped me achieve a higher level of mental clarity, emotional balance, and a sense of physical well-being

Dr. Yuko S. Kusaka from Hawaii Board Certified Child and Adult Psychiatrist

Before working with Hang, I was struggling with extreme level of stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings that it I was starting to lose grip of my life. I’ve been trying to hold it together on my own but I need help. I don’t consider therapist because I heard… Keep Reading

R.W. from Colorado

As an elite athlete for many years, I had been frustrated that I was unable to get rid of my migraine headaches. Every new medication gave me new hope that quickly gave way to disappointment. After working with Hang, and using her techniques I was able to get rid… Keep Reading

Brian Kincher from California Elite Acrobat, US National Team Member, America Got Talent Top 3 Performer (AcroArmy)

Before I started seeing Hang, I had very low self-esteem and self-worth, a lot of anxiety and struggling with depression. I remember the morning before I was to meet Hang. I felt as if my mind and my emotions were in a dark hole and I didn’t know how… Keep Reading

Sheryl Kimura, Oahu-Hawaii