Up-Level Workshop 2016

Up-Level Yourself and Your Business with Authenticity

A Heart Based One Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 2015, 9AM-5PM
NEAL S. Blaisdell Center
Up-Level Workshop 2016

..Hang is very well versed in her craft, and makes molehills or might I say dust out of mountains, those mountains of mind patterns, that overtime have been programmed into the body that unconsciously hold us back or prevent us from moving forward. We tapped out much!! The emotions were just energy in motion and she becomes that vessel to assist in shifting them from our being and hence our experience… I highly recommend Hang, she is extremely gifted with the space she holds and what she does! EFT is easy, and with Hang it’s actually a very enjoyable experience. Try it, it will blow your mind! Thanks Hang : )

-Robyn Singh from Australia (author of “Haumea Creations” and ”Paddling Home – A Journey back to Self”) www.rubyksingh.com”