Up-Level Workshop 2016

Up-Level Yourself and Your Business with Authenticity

A Heart Based One Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 2015, 9AM-5PM
NEAL S. Blaisdell Center
Up-Level Workshop 2016

Before working with Hang, I was struggling with extreme level of stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings that it I was starting to lose grip of my life. I’ve been trying to hold it together on my own but I need help. I don’t consider therapist because I heard they don’t work. I need help with my high level of tress. I need help learning to accept my mother in law who is the pain in the a–. I need help accepting myself. My stress level is going off the roof. It effects my relationship with my husband, my business and my kids. I don’t feel that I am the best wife, mom I could be. And because of this stress, i started smoking again which i tried to quit many times.

I seek Hang’s help for my stress but I got way more than that. First of all, I haven’t smoke for months. I am better at accepting myself and my feelings. I don’t let my mother in law bothers me like she used too. My relationship with my husband improved. We actually talk and I start to express my feelings more. I become a better listener to him as well. My relationship with my kids also improved. I don’t flip out as often as I used to. My feel comfortable having the tools to manage my stress and my emotion. I am also become more productive at work instead feeling buried by overwhelming feelings. I am definitely better at accepting myself and people around me. I feel that I am in control of my life again. I am grateful that things are on the flow and i am part of that. I am becoming a lot more aware of myself and people around me. I don’t judge myself against other people as much as I used too, or believe that I have to behave a certain way in order to be ‘appropriate’. I have become a more loving being towards myself and people around me. I understand now that I was trying to control the world around me in order to manage the stressors in my life. Instead I now control myself and understand that my emotions are natural, and I can control them. It is nice to be at peace rather than being at stress.

If I didn’t work with Hang, I would have killed my lung from smoking as my way of coping my stress. I will definitely have fall outs with my mother in law. Which will affect my relationship with my husband. Which will affect my kids. My family will fall apart. When that happen, our business will go south. But, my recognition that everything doesn’t have to be ‘picture perfect’ as we think life should be has released me from that burden. I will continue to manage and accept myself as a whole being.

R.W. from Colorado