Up-Level Workshop 2016

Up-Level Yourself and Your Business with Authenticity

A Heart Based One Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 2015, 9AM-5PM
NEAL S. Blaisdell Center
Up-Level Workshop 2016

When I first heard about Hangs class, it was a seminar she was offering. What grabbed my attention was learning how to overcome my fears in auditioning. Since I was a theater major I wanted to learn how to become better at auditioning. So I attended her seminar, which opened my eyes to other avenues of learning about me and wanting more questions answered about how to control or take charge of my own life. A transformation needed to happen in my life. It was just too busy. That was when I decided to take the transformation program. From that day my life changed on how I look at things, an understanding of why things are happening, and why I needed to change my ways and thinking if I wanted to become a better person and have a better life. The class also taught me ways that I can help my daughter in gymnastic and teach my son, who is a young man, the responsibility of adulthood. It was very hard in the beginning but dedication and willpower helped me through rough times. My eyes opened to realize how much I needed to change my ways and thinking to better myself first before helping my children and situations around me. I noticed a change in myself happening each week as I took what was learned and applied it to my daily life.

Leigh Ann from Hawaii