Up-Level Workshop 2016

Up-Level Yourself and Your Business with Authenticity

A Heart Based One Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 2015, 9AM-5PM
NEAL S. Blaisdell Center
Up-Level Workshop 2016

“If it isn’t fun, don’t do it”! I am a big believer of having fun in the process of everything that we do. If we do not enjoy what we are doing we may be engaging in the wrong activities or we may have a poor mindset about them. Either way, we have the choice to change.

I am blessed that I am passionate about my work . Besides helping others break through their own barriers and limitations, I enjoy inspiring others to love their life.

I have many fun hobbies – most of them are outdoors. One of the many fun things that I enjoy is doing handstands everywhere I go. Being upside down really helps me see the world from a different perspective (at least that is one of my main reasons to do them). I’ve done so many handstands at unusual spots that my friends have dubbed them, “Hang-stands”. The name stuck! Doing Hangstands is my way of getting out of my comfort zone, staying in balance, exploring different areas and ultimately living life and having fun. I invite you to join me on this fun journey!

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