Up-Level Workshop 2016

Up-Level Yourself and Your Business with Authenticity

A Heart Based One Day Workshop

Saturday, February 20th, 2015, 9AM-5PM
NEAL S. Blaisdell Center
Up-Level Workshop 2016

Pre-Hang, I was in the same stuck place for years. I read lots of books, listened to self-help books, listened to self-help cd’s, and attended workshops and retreats. I tried acupuncture, yoga and meditation, and all of those things helped, but then I found Hang.

Hang is frighteningly accurate and her intuition brings you to your “hiccup” in a way that you can see it, process it and swiftly move through the event or trauma so it’s not a roadblock in your life anymore. She is authentic. Many emotional releases occurred during my time with her. In a short period of time, I experienced freedom from childhood traumas.

Not only have I recommended Hang to many colleagues and friends but I hosted a full day workshop so she could reach many women in my community at once. She consistently delivers. If you are seeking…look no further, pick up the phone and make an appointment today!

Christina G. from Hawaii